Intro about tech

Welcome to my website this website talks a little bit about recent technology, jobs in the technology industry, and the affects of too much tech nevertheless. Technology is all around us it entertains us and some jobs wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for technology.

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This is a pixil art image that was based off of an image made by Hacksmith Industries. This is supposed to look like a powerloader from the movie Aliens.

Jobs with tech

  • Software developer with a salary of about $105,590 a year
  • IT manager with a salary of about $142,530 a year
  • Web developer with a salary of about $69,430 a year
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician with a salary ranging from $22,000 to $92,000

The possible future of tech

If you have ever seen a Sci-fi movie you know that they show the future with flying cars, holograms, laser guns, and space travel. Believe it or not flying cars and holograms do actually exist. Even though you don't see them it doesn't mean they don't exist. For example in Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's edge they have an actual hologram of Rey on the Rise of the Resistance ride. Also there is a company called Kaleida that specializes in holographic technology and has made some very cool projections that has impressed many.

The effects of too much tech

We all know that some people spend too much time on their device. Whether they are on a phone, a computer, a tablet, or even a gaming console. No matter what the device is too much time of it will cause psychological issues. A few issues are distraction, an expectation of instant gratification (no patience), narcissism, and even depression. Even though many rely on technology there are ways to limit how much tech is used and a little can go a long way.